NaNoWriMo Day 9 – Going Back to Chapter One

Current word count: 18,824. Which is pretty great, actually. I’m a little over two days ahead of schedule. I know this weekend is going to be really busy – Friday is my dad’s birthday, I’m going to see Neil Gaiman on Saturday, and I have a paper due on Sunday – so I’m really trying to get as much writing in as possible early in the week. I’m also trying to get as much homework as possible done early in the week, so I don’t have to worry about it this weekend. So, naturally, I have done absolutely nothing today.

Right now, I have about eight ARCs (advanced reader copies) I have to get around to reading. And yesterday, I started one of them: Movie Game by Michael Ebner. I’m currently on Chapter Three, but I’m hoping it will be a quick read. I keep telling myself if I turn off Netflix, I could probably finish it today. But that hasn’t happened yet. I also have to finish the second half of Mansfield Park in the next couple of days and then watch the movie for class, so I really need to sit down and get some major reading done. I feel like this is going to turn into one of those weeks where I have so much to do that I end up actually accomplishing very little.

As far as my book goes, I think it’s going pretty well. I usually start writing every day around seven or eight, and continue (off and on) until about one or two in the morning. I feel like my brain just works better during those hours, and I am really glad I can take advantage of it, since I don’t have to be up early most days. I’m actually really happy with where my book is going. And I think I’ve decided to take today and go back and revamp the first few chapters of the book. Since my novel is based off of Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen, I have a really good reference for where I should be at each major event in the book. I’ve added a few characters, and events, etc., but I feel like I’m going to end up reaching the climax of the novel too early. So my goal for today (and maybe tomorrow, depending on how it goes) is to go back and make sure the first few chapters are fleshed out the way I’d like them to be. They just need more. I really hit my stride somewhere around Chapter Six or Seven, and realized those earlier chapters are just really boring. Since my goal is to lengthen them, I will ultimately still be working towards my word count goals, so I’m not that worried about keeping up. I’m going to really try to focus on adding content rather than making them perfect. So I’m only giving myself two days to fiddle with them, and then I’m moving on. I can’t get stuck in an editing loop, because editing before completing a draft is why I’ve never actually finished anything.

Speaking of editing, I realized today that my school schedule works out perfectly with NaNoWriMo (besides the fact that I have a twenty-page term paper due on Jane Austen a week after NaNoWriMo ends). My next class, which starts in mid-December is called The Editor. I just ordered my books, and I am so excited! I’m planning on taking a few weeks off after NaNoWriMo, and then hopefully my novel will be at the point where I can start editing and rewriting as I’m taking the class on how to edit creative writing. I think that will really motivate me to keep working on my book until it’s something I’m really happy with. I might actually meet my goal of having finished writing a book by the time I graduate! Which is really exciting! I was honestly a bit apprehensive going into this experience, but I am so glad I faced my fears and actually did it.

P.S. If you enjoy these posts, you should totally follow me on Twitter, where I’ve been trying to post live updates about my writing process. Last night, this involved recreating flapper makeup at 11:30pm, in my PJs. And yes, I totally left it on until I finished writing – definitely put me in the 1920s mood.

One thought on “NaNoWriMo Day 9 – Going Back to Chapter One

  1. Oh, that is exciting! How cool to have a class timed perfectly to help motivate you.

    My people are weird and dirty, so I don’t think I’ll be makeupping in their style just yet.

    Congrats on that word count, too!

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