Book Review | Until We Meet Again

Sometimes, I order books, or request review copies, and by the time I get them, I really don’t feel like reading them. That was the case with Until We Meet Again by Renee Collins. To be fair, I was on a YA kick when I requested this book, and was completely over it by the time I actually got my hands on it. I wasn’t too excited by the synopsis, but the cover definitely put me over the edge. Just look how beautiful it is! But this is also one of those times where being impulsive in my book selection works out in my favor. Because I really liked this book!

23277959Cassandra wants to spend the summer with her best friend in Paris. Instead, she’s spending it with her mother and stepfather in a Massachusetts beach house. And as she seeks out adventure, she finds only trouble. Until a stranger shows up on their private beach claiming that it’s his. And that the year is 1925. Cassandra finds her adventure, and discovers that falling in love with a boy who lived ninety years ago is just as complicated as it sounds. Especially when she finds out that Lawrence’s life is in danger. Now, she must figure out a way to change history, or risk losing him forever.

Until We Meet Again is a really cute YA romance. The beginning of the book reminded me a little bit of We Were Liars (which you probably all know I really didn’t like). Cassandra is a bit of a spoiled rich girl, complaining about having to spend the whole summer in a huge beach house instead of going off to Paris. But the story was good enough that I was able to get past it. While Cassandra wasn’t really my favorite character, I did like Lawrence. And I really enjoyed all of the 1920s aspects of the novel. The mystery was interesting and believable. And while the writing was a bit cheesy, it was still good, solid prose.

To be completely fair to this book, I think I’ve started to identify with YA less and less over the past year. Every time I read a book like this, I can’t help but think that if I’d read it when I was a teenager, I would have absolutely loved it. So, while I will always read YA, I think I’m starting to grow out of it a little bit. Still, I did really like Until We Meet Again, which I was not expecting. It didn’t take me long to get hooked, and I really enjoyed the ending. If you’re looking for a sweet summer romance with a bit of intrigue, this one’s for you!

Rating: ★★★★✩

You can buy Until We Meet Again in hardcover or Kindle formats on Amazon.

This book was provided to me by the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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