TBR Thoughts

I have a very, very long TBR (to-be-read) list – I know, because I keep a handwritten list in a notebook and my “pared-down” version is twenty-two pages. In fact, if you check my Goodreads profile, you’ll see that my “To-Read” list is longer than my “Read” list. And I just went through and edited it down. I also have an unknown number of TBR books on my shelves – I think it’s less than the books I have actually read, but that could just be wishful thinking. And we won’t even go into the number of unread books on my iPad.

As a way of thinning down the list, been creating monthly and yearly TBR lists. In September, I actually completed the list, so I’ve been feeling pressure to finish October’s list and my 2015 Reading List (which was one of my very first posts on this blog). So far, I’ve read four out of the eight books I wanted to read this month, which isn’t too bad, and six of the fifteen books I wanted to read this year. But I have also read exactly zero of the books I put on my fall top ten Tuesday TBR.

Problem is, I don’t really feel like reading any of the books I have left. (Although I will probably still read The Shining, which, oddly enough, is on all three lists. And I have to read Mansfield Park for class, so I’ll probably end up forcing my way though that one as well.) But I still feel pressured to finish all the books. I literally have to keep reminding myself that it’s perfectly okay if I don’t read Norwegian Wood this year. Or finish Something Wicked This Way Comes. Or read John Dies at the End instead of Paradise Lost. And it’s also perfectly okay if I read a set of books that is completely different from my TBR list. I’ve decided to take my TBR lists as more of a fun suggestion. I still like doing them. But I’m going to attempt to give myself a break, and maybe not force myself to read every single book. Because rereading Catcher in the Rye and To Kill a Mockingbird might have sounded great back in May (and I do still want to reread them), but I have no desire to do so in the next few months.

You probably don’t care that I’m taking a stand against my self-imposed reading goals. But on the off chance that someone out there is as neurotic as me, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to read everything. And if you want to put off reading (or not read at all) a book that you’re just not feeling, you are allowed to do just that (unless it’s for school, and then you should probably at least attempt to read it). And if you think I’m crazy then 1. why did you read this entire post? and 2. I don’t care.

What are your crazy TBR habits?

P.S. I will still be completing the PopSugar Reading Challenge. I only have three books left, so I kind of have to. Right?

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