Top Ten Tuesday | Author Duos

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday theme is author duos I’d love to see write a book together. This one’s a bit of a challenge because I have honestly never thought about this before today, and I rarely like books with more than one author (with a few exceptions). It just seems like it’s hard to seamlessly mesh two different styles. That said, I did come up with ten duos I think would produce some interesting books. Here are my top ten imaginary author duos:


1. J.K. Rowling and Erin Morgenstern. I just think these two could make some wonderful literary magic together. They both have brilliant imaginations, and I would love to see them do a sort of adult Harry Potter/The Night Circus mash-up.

2. Neil Gaiman and Pierce Brown. Two of my all-time favorite authors! I would love to see them do something really interesting and dark together. Plus, Pierce Brown mentioned he’s planning on writing something akin to American Gods after he finishes his current trilogy next year.

3. Stephen King and Gillian Flynn. I love how dark both of these authors are, and I think they could come up with something fantastic together.

4. John Green and Nicola Yoon. Nicola Yoon’s debut Everything Everything was very reminiscent of John Green’s writing. So this one’s not a really a stretch, but I think they’d come up with a great contemporary YA book.

5. Jonathan Safran Foer and Emily St. John Mandel. I love both of these writers for their quirkiness, especially when they’re writing about the aftermath of a tragedy. I think together, they’d write something super creative and out of the box.

6. Markus Zusak and Helene Wecker. These two are masters of historical fiction. I don’t really care what they write, I’d definitely read it.

7. Libba Bray and Christina Henry. The amazingness of Bray’s The Diviners and A Great and Terrible Beauty combined with the darkness of Henry’s Alice would make a great paranormal book.

8. Ernest Cline and Andy Weir. Together, they would totally write the quintessential snarky sci-fi novel.

9. Graeme Simsion and Meg Cabot. I want to read more nerdy chick lit. Because it’s amazing and really hard to find. These two do socially awkward characters really well.

10. George R.R. Martin and Orson Scott Card. Can you just imagine a Game of Thrones/Ender’s Game hybrid? Because I think it would be pretty awesome.

Check out all the Top Ten Tuesday posts over on The Broke and the Bookish. And comment down below with an author duo you’d love to see happen!

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