Book Review | Language of the Bear

Although I read books from many different genres, Language of the Bear by Evan Ronan & Nathanael Green is completely different from what I would usually pick up. I wasn’t expecting to love it. But by the end of the first chapter, I was completely hooked!

Lieutenant Hugh Pyke is hoping to prove his value to the Pennsylvania Colony. Instead, he is blackmailed into a secret mission to assassinate the cousin of the woman he loves. Wolf Tongue is recruited as Pyke’s guide through the unfamiliar terrain and indigenous peoples. Maybe if he can prove himself as a warrior, he will earn the respect of the tribe he protects. Together, they set off in search of a man who threatens both the English and the Susquehannock. 51lCIRb39NL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_As the mission becomes increasingly dangerous, Pyke and Wolf Tongue find themselves developing an entirely unexpected friendship. And when the hunters become the hunted, the mission begins to look nearly impossible.

I really loved this book! I actually studied Colonial American History in college (I have a history degree and an American studies minor), and was really struck by how much research was put into Language of the Bear. Everything from the use of the tomahawk to the popularity of cider (yum!) was so well done and extremely accurate. The story was interesting and the almost constant action made it hard for me to put this book down. But I think what really sold me on this book was the absolutely beautiful writing. There are a few books I’ve read in the last few years that I remember for their writing as much as their story. Language of the Bear will undoubtedly be one of those books.

Rating: ★★★★★

To be honest, I was a bit shocked by how much I liked this book. It’s nothing like anything I’ve read since my colonial history classes in college. And while I enjoyed those classes, colonial history isn’t one of my favorite subjects. Language of the Bear made me want to revisit some of my college history books.

Language of the Bear is the first book in the Tomahawk and Saber series, which takes place during the French and Indian War in Colonial New England, and I am really looking forward to reading the rest of the series when it’s released!

Note: This book was provided to me by one of the authors in exchange for my unbiased review.

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