30 Day Writing Challenge Day 29: Goals for the Next 30 Days

I can’t believe this challenge is almost over! Overall, I really enjoyed it. There are a few posts I am considering taking off my blog at a later date – I’m still meh about posting my celeb crushes and the day I had to post ten songs on shuffle seems pointless – but I really liked posting every day, and hope I can keep up something close after this challenge is over.

Here is everything I’d like to accomplish in the next thirty days:

1. Finish my Shakespeare class. I’ve got about two weeks left, and I always get pretty restless towards the end of each term. I’m ready to move on! But I also want to do really well on my term paper.

2. Go sit at a coffee shop to read/write. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. I just never actually do it. I’ve scoped out a few promising options near my house, and I need to actually go to them.

3. Start waking up early enough to take walks with an audiobook. This goal is kind of a double. First, I really want to start taking walks around the lake by my house, but I hate the heat. So I need to wake up early enough to do it. And second, since I haven’t been commuting, my Audible library has been seriously neglected. I feel a bit bad for those poor books. Plus, I’m paying for it, so I need to use it.

4. Spring clean my bedroom/reorganize my bookshelf. I realize it’s not spring, but whatever. I really need to just get rid of old clothes and makeup and random things *cough* Amazon boxes *cough* that have accumulated. Most of the clutter is books, stacks of which have been steadily growing on my nightstand, windowsill, desk, and even floor. I need to get them all nicely in my bookshelf, so I can see what I have. And maybe actually find things.

5. Start taking better pictures for this blog. The book mess has stopped me from taking nice, pretty pictures of my reading lists, book hauls, bookshelf, etc. I really like photography, and would love to have some great pictures for my posts.

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