30 Day Writing Challenge Day 26: An Area of My Life I’d Like to Improve

I want to get better at meeting people and making new friends.

As an introvert, making friends is naturally more difficult for me. I also work as a nanny and go to school online, so it’s not like I can make friends at school or work. Bars and clubs aren’t really my thing, and online dating scares me. I do really like interacting with people in general, but I get overwhelmed easily. And I don’t know how to get someone’s contact info without being awkward.

I think the solution is to find places, like a coffee shop or bookstore, where I feel comfortable and that also facilitate meeting and talking to people. I need to leave the house for longer periods of time, and maybe actually follow through with my plan to sit and work in a coffee shop.

That’s it. I just really need to get out more. And talk to people who are not my family, my online classmates, or a five-month-old.


2 thoughts on “30 Day Writing Challenge Day 26: An Area of My Life I’d Like to Improve

  1. I am exactly the same with this kind of thing – sometimes I have to actively remind myself to go outside and interact with people instead of sitting inside reading all day! I love your blog by the way. We have very similar taste in books – the next two I wanted to read were Jesse Eisenberg and Salman Rushdie’s new books, so thanks for the reviews! x

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    1. Thanks! Let me know what you think of those two books – they were both really interesting. I actually thought Rushdie’s book had a very interesting plot, but it was really hard to get through.


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