30 Day Writing Challenge Day 25: Google Image Search

Today’s challenge was to search a single word on Google images and write about the eleventh image that comes up. I don’t know about you, but for me the most challenging part of this challenge was to think of a good word to search. Since it was  obviously on my mind, I chose “writing.” And here’s image number eleven:


I actually really like this image. I like that it’s black and white. And I think the handwriting is somehow aesthetically pleasing. It reminds me a bit of my own handwriting, especially when I’m in a hurry (i.e. the last page of notes after a four hour class). The phrases I can decipher are really intriguing as well: “he gained,” “he was determined,” “have felt,” “dared to hope.” It makes me want to know more.

I also like the idea of handwriting. While I don’t handwrite any of my attempts at novels or short stories – I feel like it would take to long, and I actually have nerve damage in my hand from writing too much – I do really enjoy keeping a handwritten reading list in a notebook. Crossing books off that list is way more satisfying than adding them to Goodreads for some reason. Plus, it seems more personal. Which I think is why this picture attracts me so much. It’s clearly modern (look at the pen) and it seems to be a story (likely historical given the “III in 1845” at the top). But it’s still being handwritten. I kind of want to know why. And read the rest of it.

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