30 Day Writing Challenge Day 18: Thirty Facts About Myself

  1. I hoard books and nail polish.
  2. I love pumpkin anything (pumpkin spice lattes should be a year-round thing, in my opinion).
  3. I am severely allergic to artificial sweeteners. I found this out because if your allergic, aspartame can activate the Epstein-Barr virus (aka mono), and I got a really bad case my junior year of college and was sick for five months. Now, if I have even half a sip of diet soda, I get a headache so bad I can’t see.
  4. I am slowly learning Latin (via Rosetta Stone).
  5. I wrote my senior thesis on Jack the Ripper.
  6. When I was in eighth grade, I went to the doctor for strep throat. She gave me a penicillin shot in my hip, and instead of going into my bloodstream, the medicine went straight to my spine and temporarily paralyzed the right half of my body. I still can’t run a lot because once in a while my right leg just goes dead and I fall on my face.
  7. I knit, crochet, and cross-stitch.
  8. I have an addiction to school/office supplies.
  9. I own a pair of Chinese foot binding shoes (easily the weirdest thing I own).
  10. In college, I was in a group of my professor’s favorite students. He used to take us out for dinner and drinks after class and called us his Slug Club (Harry Potter reference, in case you didn’t get it). The fact that I was actually in a Slug Club is the highlight of my college career.
  11. I don’t think I’ve ever completely finished all of the reading for a class. I’m too busy reading other things.
  12. I had to retake freshman English in high school. I wasn’t confident enough in my own work, so I either half-assed my assignments or didn’t turn them in.
  13. At a book signing, I lied to David Mitchell (the author) about having read Cloud Atlas because I was the only person there who hadn’t.
  14. I am a member of Sigma Tau Delta – the International English Honor Society.
  15. I hate spiders.
  16. I have nerve damage in my right hand/arm from writing too much. My ring and pinky fingers are almost completely numb.
  17. The two completely random songs that I always get stuck in my head are the “I’ve Got a Pickle” song from Little Rascals and “Heffalumps and Woozles” from Winnie the Pooh.
  18. When I was growing up, I really wanted to be a marine biologist, archaeologist, or astronomer. I would tell anyone who would listen that we were going to be hit by an asteroid and die soon.
  19. I did technical theater in high school. I stage managed productions of Annie Get Your Gun and West Side Story and designed the sets for The Diary of Anne Frank.
  20. I am an oldest child – I have two younger sisters.
  21. When I was thirteen, I got to sit front row at the premiere of The Country Bears (with Haley Joel Osment and Christopher Walken). I met both of them at the afterparty. (The movie was terrible, don’t see it.)
  22. I still have two of my baby teeth. I was born without the adult ones underneath, so they never fell out.
  23. I don’t like the smell of chocolate.
  24. On my spring break my senior year of college, I stayed up all night alone to watch the royal wedding. I fell asleep five minutes after it started.
  25. I’m allergic to most metals.
  26. I don’t think my name really fits me. Stephanie is such an 80s name (there was even a joke about it in Ted), and both of my sisters got lovely, classic names.
  27. I’ve never done recreational drugs or smoked a cigarette (or anything else).
  28. My first car was a minivan: my mom’s old green Plymouth Voyager. One day, when it was raining, I tried to shut the sliding door on the side and it just kept going until it completely fell of the car.
  29. I don’t really like summer. It’s too hot, and I’m not really into sports or the beach (I hate sand). Also, I’m really pale so I don’t tan – I just burn and peel.
  30. Ever since I was little, my goal in life is to own a personal library just like the one in Beauty and the Beast. So many books!


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