30 Day Writing Challenge Day 17: Zodiac Sign

Today’s challenge is to write about my zodiac sign and whether or not I think it fits me. Since I’ve encountered a million different definitions, I decided to go with this one for the sake of this challenge, just in case you were curious.

Gemini constellation

I’m a Gemini. For the most part, I honestly think the typical Gemini characteristics fit my personality. I definitely think I am clever, imaginative, witty, and adaptable. And I also think I can be indecisive, restless, impulsive, and devious. I am very independent, and prefer working on my own and generally doing my own thing. I do tend to start lots of projects because I want to do everything, but end up leaving a lot of them unfinished. And not that this is something to be proud of, but I’m pretty skilled at manipulating people or situations and coming up with justifications for my actions. If my mom wasn’t so good at making me feel guilty about everything growing up, I probably could have been a successful super villain. Just saying. I am, for the most part, pretty nervous and high strung (although I’ve gotten really good at regulating this so I don’t go insane). I can also go from happy to irate in the span of about two seconds. Gemini are twins, so there’s the whole dual personality thing. Which I kind of think is true of myself.

The only Gemini characteristics I don’t really think describe me are outgoing and superficial. Though I can carry on a conversation and do like hanging out with people in small groups, I am definitely an introvert. I am completely fine with staying in my house and not talking to anyone for days at a time. I have mild social anxiety, so I would definitely not call myself a “social butterfly.” I also don’t think I’m that superficial. Yes, sometimes I can be pretty judgmental (though only in my mind – no reason to make someone feel bad), but I tend to reserve my opinions until I have the facts. I’ve encountered way to many people who are prejudiced for the wrong reasons to be one of them. Maybe it’s true that superficiality is in my nature, but I hate that quality so much in other people that I’ve gotten pretty good at not letting it affect me.

Overall, I actually think it’s a pretty accurate zodiac. Not that I have any stock in it – I don’t think you can define people by when they were born. My sister is also a Gemini (although she’s right on the edge of Cancer and can go either way) and she is the complete opposite of me. She’s definitely got the social and superficial things down, but she doesn’t care too much about the world around her, and she’s so carefree (and often careless) that it drives me insane. But it’s still fun to read about.

Does your zodiac sign fit you?


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