30 Day Writing Challenge Day 16: Something I Miss

Cold weather. I really, really, really miss cold weather. Right now, it’s approximately a hundred degrees outside where I live, and it probably won’t cool down that much until October. And even then, it could hit ninety again in the middle of January. And I hate it.

I honestly think that’s the thing I miss most about Boston. Okay, maybe it’s second to all the history. But the cold weather was amazing. People used to assume I hated it because I was from Southern California, but I couldn’t get enough. Fall that actually requires sweaters? Yes please! And snow? I don’t care how difficult it makes things, I think it’s beautiful and I could live in it (if frostbite wasn’t a thing). I literally used to take long walks every time it started snowing.

I am not someone who likes the heat. I’d be insanely happy living somewhere that never got above seventy degrees (Fahrenheit). One of the reasons I’m thinking about moving to Seattle after I graduate is the weather; I was there (actually Whidbey Island off the coast) at the beginning of July and everyone was complaining about the heat wave. And it was only eighty-two degrees.

I love the rain, I love the snow, I love when you go outside and your face gets all red because of the freezing wind. But instead, I’m stuck living in what is technically a desert in the middle of an epic drought. I would give anything for a snow storm right now. Hell, I’d settle for hail (which is what we get in So Cal and it sucks).

One thought on “30 Day Writing Challenge Day 16: Something I Miss

  1. My husband was just saying he can’t wait for the cold. I’m enjoying the 80s we’re down in right now, and lower humidity. Air that isn’t too thick to breathe!


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