Update – How My Day Actually Went

This morning, I posted a bullet point list of an average day as part of the 30 Day Writing Challenge. However, since my day was marginally more interesting than the day I posted, I thought I’d give you an update on what today actually looked like.

  • Wake up at 5am
  • Press snooze twice
  • Crawl out of bed
  • Brush teeth/put on makeup/get dressed
  • Leave house at 6
  • Drive to nanny job
  • Arrive early – grab Starbucks (with an extra shot)
  • Get to nanny job
  • Have coffee/chat with my friend (mother of the baby I watch)
  • Play with baby
  • Take baby on walk
  • Get fucking stung by bee
  • Smash bee
  • Pull out stinger
  • Run back to apartment as anaphylaxis starts
  • Search for Benadryl
  • Take Benadryl/Advil
  • Ice bee sting
  • Feed baby
  • Change baby
  • Put baby down for nap
  • Eat lunch
  • Put bandaids on the six blisters I got from running in cheap shoes
  • Take ten minute nap
  • Wake up feeling sick
  • Play with baby
  • Feed baby
  • Put baby down for nap
  • Chat with my friend when she comes home
  • Play with baby
  • Go home

So, yeah. I got stung by a bee today. Turns out I am mildly allergic. But, being allergic to pretty much everything, I live on the edge and take Benadryl instead of going to to the doctor. Plus, I had a huge natural surge of adrenaline after I got stung, so that helped. I still feel like shit, though, so I’m going to take some more Benadryl and climb into bed.

This is why I don’t like going outside.

4 thoughts on “Update – How My Day Actually Went

    1. I actually stepped on a bee, too! When I was eight. For some reason, I didn’t have this reaction to it. For me, the sting itself wasn’t that painful. It was the allergic reaction that sucked.


      1. Ha! Bees just need to be stepped on I guess. I bet the allergic reaction was horrible, I’ve seen some that my friends get and it’s always quite the ordeal. Luckily I’m not allergic.


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