Banned Book Challenge or Things I Do at 2AM

It’s 2 am, and I just found this banned books challenge online. And since I have a bad habit of starting things at 2 am (including this blog), I’ve decided I’m going to do the challenge. Because apparently I need another reason to read more books.

There are different levels to the challenge, and I’ve decided to shoot for the highest: Leader of a Revolution. Which means I have to read at least fifteen banned books by the end of December. I know it’s super ambitious (especially since it’s already almost September), but I’m going for it! Okay, maybe not all of my 2 am decisions are the smartest. But, there are a ton of banned books, and I have no life. I can do this!

I created a page to keep track of my progress, so go check it out. And I am doubling up on books I’ve read for my other challenge – a surprising amount of them are banned, so I’m in pretty good shape despite starting so late in the game.

Comment below with your favorite banned book, and it might make it on my reading list this year!

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