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Nicola Yoon’s debut novel Everything, Everything is a classic YA girl-meets-the-boy-next-door book with a big twist.

Madeline Whittier has an extremely rare but famous disease. You might know it by it’s common name, bubble boy disease. Basically, she’s allergic to the world. She hasn’t left her house since she was an infant, and pretty much only sees her mother and her nurse, Carla. But one day, a moving truck pulls up to the house next door, bringing with it a everything everythingwhole new world for Maddy. She watches Olly and his family from her window, and soon the two become start emailing. Soon, the girl who can’t leave her house finds herself falling for the boy next door. And it’s possible he might like her back. But as certainly as Maddy knows she is in love, or at the very least like, with Olly, she also knows it is going to be a complete disaster.

Everything, Everything was probably the most adorable book I’ve read all year. I don’t go for contemporary YA all that often, but I thought the premise was interesting and the book did not disappoint. While I won’t say the characters weren’t a bit cheesy, they were cheesy in a good way. Reading this book was like watching a rom-com, and honestly, sometimes that’s all I really want. The only thing I’m not sure I really liked about this book was that it seemed a bit too reminiscent of John Green. Don’t get me wrong, I loved The Fault in Our Stars, it’s just that I felt like I was reading it all over again. Maddy could be Hazel’s twin, and while Olly isn’t exactly Gus, he’s still a bad boy romantic (though, I guess those are pretty popular in YA right now, right?). But what really got me was the writing: I thought it Everything, Everything was extremely well written – I enjoyed the story, the pacing, thought the word choices were very clever, and Maddy’s illustrations were cute and not overdone – but it you told me John Green wrote this book, I would totally believe it.

However, I did really enjoy this book, and I (obviously) think it will appeal to fans of John Green. It was a really cute little love story that made for a cozy afternoon of reading. I would definitely recommend this book if you’re looking for some good contemporary young adult lit!

Rating:  ★★★★✩

Everything, Everything will be released September 1, 2015. Click here to preorder on Amazon!

This book was provided to me by the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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