I just discovered an interesting bit of grammar info, and had to share:

My professor just informed me that you’re not supposed to put two spaces between sentences. I distinctly remember my high school English teacher telling me to do this freshman year. I did a bit of research and, according to MLA, neither way is wrong, but one space is more modern. Two spaces were only necessary when everyone was typing on typewriters, not computers.

Anyone else out there use two spaces instead of just one? I’m having serious issues stopping. It’s automatic. I don’t think it helps that hitting the spacebar on my iPhone adds punctuation. And it’s incredibly frustrating to have to consciously think about the spacing between sentences while I’m writing. It’s like when I was in third grade and wanted to write my lowercase A’s with the little tail on top (like this font), so I forced myself to think about it while I was writing until it became habit. Also, I’m pretty sure I already turned in an assignment with two spaces between sentences after my professor gave my back her notes.

That’s all. Just wanted to spread this little tidbit of writing news. I’m off to practice correctly spacing my sentences so I don’t get any more points off my papers.


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